A Great Chance to Introduce Iconic Marvel Heroes to the MCU Was Missed by The Blip(2024)

Although The Blip was a significant MCU event, it might have introduced famous heroes and deeply illuminated the motivations of some of the antagonists.

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Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame delivered a one-two narrative punch that altered the Marvel Cinematic Universe irrevocably. The idea of “The Blip,” which supposedly wiped off half of humanity, was first presented in those films. This horrific incident had a ton of promise for the storyline, but the MCU regrettably never gave it any attention.

A lengthier and more thorough examination of The Blip may have addressed one of the main tonal complaints of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It may have given one of the MCU’s most reviled villain factions a far better start in the past. Similarly, this was the ideal chance to debut the Fantastic Four and the X-Men, two of the most recognizable Marvel characters ever.

Dark Tales from The Blip Could Have Benefitted the MCU

A Great Chance to Introduce Iconic Marvel Heroes to the MCU Was Missed by The Blip(2024)

The tone of nearly every endeavor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including TV series and films, is a significant problem. The majority of the tone is lighter and humorous, which occasionally detracts from the drama, suspense, and character development.

This has particularly been a problem for some of the more well-known MCU heroes, with comedy in films like Thor: Love & Thunder perceived as going too far. Since the release of the first Avengers film, there has been a rising body of criticism of this kind, with viewers becoming weary of the nonstop jokes and quips.

The potential to use a dark, sophisticated narrative to directly address this issue was ideal for a production set in the aftermath of The Blip. The society that existed after Thanos used the Infinity Gauntlet may have been seen in that film.

The absence of many Avengers might have led to a rise in criminality and hopelessness worldwide. Strangely, in the midst of social unrest, this was a perfect chance to present the Thunderbolts—a group of ex-villains who are sincerely attempting to change for the better.

This action-packed thriller would have been unexpected from the Marvel Cinematic Universe for most people. It would have also solidified the fact that things will never be the same after the Avengers’ defeat at the hands of Thanos. Because the situation’s despair would have been more clearly portrayed, the excitement surrounding Avengers: Endgame, which seemed to repair this calamity, would have been much greater.

The saddest moment in the MCU could have revealed its newest heroes.

One major issue that even die-hard Marvel Cinematic Universe fans currently have is that the X-Men and mutants have not become the main focus yet. For a while, this was due to Marvel Studios and Disney now owning the cinematic rights to those characters. That’s no longer the case, however, with Disney having bought out 20th Century Fox, which previously owned the rights to the mutants. Thus, many see it as high time for the X-Men to take center stage, and The Blip was a great venue to lay the groundwork for more mutants.

One frequently suggested theory among fans is that the radiation and energy released by The Blip could have accelerated the presence of the X-gene in the human population. It can be suggested that it was already becoming more prominent throughout the decades due to things such as atomic testing and that the use of the Infinity Stones hastened the inevitable.

From there, the existence of mutants can begin, with the human population becoming fearful of these mutated spawns. The situation as a whole might also explore the reasons for this rising prejudice and why mutants such as the X-Men might be oppressed compared to other superhumans.

For starters, the fact that the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are no longer what they once were may already be known to the general public before and after Avengers: Endgame. Consequently, there would be a pervasive feeling of pessimism because humanity’s defenders weren’t present to easily solve this issue. Similarly, the fact that The Blip creates mutants turns them become a symbol of this terrible time in history. Anybody would get nervous with such a negative implication, which would lead to a society that despises and fears mutants as a species.

It Would Have Been Better for the Flag-Smashers If the Blip Had An Effect on Them

One of the biggest criticisms of the Disney+ TV series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was the way in which it handled the Flag-Smashers. These villains (based on the solo villain Flag-Smasher from the comics) opposed nationalism, with their reasoning being that life was better and more united during The Blip. While this makes some sense, the problem is that the Flag-Smashers were written in a cartoonish and less nuanced way. Furthermore, the Sam Wilson version of Captain America notably defends them and requests that they not be called terrorists after they engage in murderous terrorist acts.

Perhaps it would have made more sense for individuals who felt left out after returning from The Blip to establish the group. The world’s governments would have continued as normal, leaving people on their own, and The Flag-Smashers would have taken to the streets to demand justice. They would still have been villains in the end, but their thesis would have been more plausible and clear as a result. It would also have demonstrated that The Blip’s difficulties hadn’t been fully resolved and that there would likely be significant effects for years to come.

The Blip Could Have Revealed the History of The Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four are another set of heroes who have not yet made their official MCU debut. This is mostly because Fox formerly held their film rights, much like they did with the X-Men.

The Fantastic Four are another set of heroes who have not yet made their official MCU debut. This is mostly because Fox formerly held their film rights, much like they did with the X-Men. Although the group is meant to represent Marvel’s First Family, it’s becoming harder to imagine how they might naturally fit into the already congested Marvel Cinematic Universe. If the original version of their origin tale was applied, then using The Blip to grant them their powers in some manner could have been the wisest course of action.

The Fantastic Four were portrayed in classic form as accidentally getting struck by cosmic rays while traveling across space. It may be argued that they were partly shielded from The Blip’s effects because they were in space at the time. It’s possible that a nearby cosmic event collided with the energy released by the Infinity Stones at the same moment.

These forces combine to change the group, making Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, the ever-loving blue-eyed boy, and the Storm brothers into the iconic heroes of the comic books. The Blip may be used to depict how the machine goes wild and bombards the Negative Zone in the Ultimate Universe origin narrative, as the crew was attempting to enter the zone using Reed Richards’ machine.

By handling The Fantastic Four in this way, everything from the Infinity Saga’s finale may flow into the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s ongoing Multiverse Saga while also giving their unexpected entrance in the MCU a natural sense. It may indicate, in a sense, that the Avengers’ “era” was about to come to an end and that the X-Men and Fantastic Four would now take center stage as the representatives of the shared world.

Similarly, linking the events to Thanos, the greatest MCU villain yet, might have modernized the First Family’s iconic beginnings while remaining true to it. Regretfully, Marvel Studios failed to utilize The Blip to establish a darker tone or future characters, therefore none of this was accomplished. In the same vein, it was skimped on much too soon, with the events of Infinity War being undone in the next Marvel Cinematic Universe film. Unfortunately, this has resulted in a dearth of compelling storylines and beloved heroes in the common universe.

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