Deadpool 3 is an MCU movie that will be different yet ultimately unimportant.

Deadpool is a disaster no matter what, but don't expect the Merc With a Mouth to create too many lasting changes in the MCU during his initial appearance.

Deadpool is a disaster no matter what, but don’t expect the Merc With a Mouth to create too many lasting changes in the MCU during his initial appearance.
There will be a lot of changes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the release of Deadpool 3. Arriving on July 26, 2024, it will be the first movie in the MCU and the third installment in the Deadpool series.

The main character has always been a living example of paradox: he is a serial murderer who nevertheless strives to uphold morality, he adores his firearms just as much as his plush unicorn, and he never stops talking even though no one can see him speak. In the end, he’s the ideal choice to play the lead role in a film that will be both immensely significant to the MCU and mostly unimportant.

Deadpool 3 Will Have a Large Cast of Characters

The Multiverse Saga is currently being told by the MCU. The multiverse, which debuted in Season 1 of Loki, has been a recurring theme throughout Phases 4 and 5, with varying degrees of success. The two seasons of Loki garnered positive reviews, while Spider-Man: No Way Home won praise for combining several Spider-Man incarnations through the usage of the multiverse.

But in the Multiverse of Madness, Doctor Strange stumbled, choosing to introduce a number of well-known and unfamiliar characters just to eliminate them a few minutes later. Deadpool 3 will continue in the same vein, incorporating characters from previous Fox Studios Marvel productions into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It’s unclear precisely how Deadpool 3 intends to traverse the Multiverse, but it’s reasonable to assume that time travel will be a major factor. Wade Wilson/Deadpool starts using Cable’s time travel gadget to travel across time at the conclusion of Deadpool 2. His adventures range from the hilarious—killing Ryan Reynolds before he can make Green Lantern—to the grave—saving his beloved Vanessa.

But Deadpool has to make one crucial stop before he can destroy the version of himself that was shown in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. This might be a sneak peek at things to come. The alteration not only clears up some of the chaos left by the mostly disregarded prequel film

There will undoubtedly be many more appearances from previous characters and other incarnations of both well-known and undiscovered MCU characters, in addition to Wolverine and Jennifer Garner, who is believed to return to her role as Elektra Natchios from Daredevil and Elektra.

Though don’t expect many of those appearances to stay in the MCU, it should be an enjoyable trip through decades’ worth of previous Marvel films. At the age of 55, Jackman—who has played Wolverine for more than seven years—will don the outfit once more.

Regarding her own role, 51-year-old Garner is taking up her sai for the first time since 2007. These actors and the characters they portray will probably be replaced by younger actors when the MCU starts to include Fox catalog characters into the official canon. There is already another Elektra in the MCU canon, and she could reappear alongside Daredevil in the near future.

While on cleanup duty, the Time Variance Authority

A leaping over time and place The Time Variance Authority will not be taking Deadpool lightly. The TVA, who were first introduced in Loki, will retake their position as multiversal janitors. The TVA has been present on the periphery of the MCU for much too long, despite the strength it was given in Loki.

The fact that the company has an arbitrary box of Infinity Stones lying about the workplace indicates that Thanos, the worst threat the MCU has faced thus far, is but a drop in the ocean of possible universe-enders. Even if Deadpool isn’t likely to deliberately undermine the MCU, his history of chaos and devastation makes it seem like he might give the Mad Titan a serious fight.

If used wisely, the TVA offers the MCU a great chance to lay down some guidelines for time travel as well as the composition and operation of the universe. Time travel will not be a novel concept in an MCU film when Deadpool 3 debuts. In Avengers: Endgame, the Avengers accomplished successful time travel, but in the process, they opened up new branches on the Sacred Timeline.

It’s unclear what the TVA did with those branches, but considering how eager they were to remove everything superfluous from Season 1 of Loki, it’s likely that the majority of those branches were chopped off.

Loki rearranged the Sacred Timeline and its branches into a Tree of Time after shedding the God of Mischief alias and taking on the God of Stories title. Although there is a new leadership in place at the TVA, they will probably be less strict about temporal anomalies in the future. However, this does not imply that Deadpool and his gang of misfits will get away with it.

It will be crucial for MCU viewers to understand the precise framework of the story after Loki’s valiant efforts. The TVA will be crucial in Deadpool 3 since they will be determining how characters from the Fox film world will transition into the MCU, more so than introducing new characters or escalating the threat posed by Kang (or whoever plays him).

There have already been some cameos for audiences to enjoy, including Beast in The Marvels’ post-credit scene and Professor X in Multiverse of Madness. Later projects will probably address the subject of whether those characters will reappear, but Deadpool 3 will undoubtedly have a lot to say about who else may be joining them.

The Box Office Won’t Be Affected by the R Rating

Deadpool Films Box Office Return
Deadpool $782.6 million
Deadpool 2 $785.8 million
MCU Phase 5 Films
Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania $476.1 million
Guardians of the Galaxy Vo. 3 $845.6 million
The Marvels $206.1 million
Deadpool 3 TBD

With almost all of the MCU’s prior films receiving PG-13 ratings, Deadpool 3 will be the first R-rated picture. PG-13 movies continue to dominate the box office, according to data from, but over the past year, R-rated movies have steadily closed the gap.

It’s no secret that the box office performance of previous Marvel films has been lackluster. Deadpool 3 is expected to bring in a profit at the box office, which is what the executives at Marvel and Disney are hoping for, even if not everything will be as grandiose as Endgame and No Way Home were.

Owing to the lower standards associated with an R-rated film, Deadpool 3 is very certain to live up to or beyond expectations. If it meets the same box office success as the previous two movies, it will still rank as Phase 5’s second-highest-grossing picture.

There are many reasons to believe that the third entry in the series will break all previous records for the Deadpool franchise at the movie office, even before you include in the excitement around Wolverine’s entrance.
None of it happened, so expectations for any MCU-shaking revelations in the movie should be low. Deadpool 3 will ultimately be a dirty, crazy, and enjoyable film. Do not mistake it with Endgame, but it could aid in establishing some of the Multiverse’s more general structures. After Deadpool has his fun, the MCU will still be intact and perhaps even a bit more organized as a result.

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