Dragon Ball: Every Change(13) Goku Has Undergone And How He Attained Them

Although the concept of transformation as it exists in the franchise was developed during the Namek arc, the ability to transform has always been one of Dragon Ball’s tricks. The entire notion of the character Oolong is based on it, and the first story arc concludes with Goku changing into a monster creature upon seeing the full moon.

Transformations are still deeply rooted in Dragon Ball Super, given the sheer number of Super Saiyan varieties that arise from the Namek arc and the additional Goku forms that the series has added. Goku has displayed some of the most amazing transformations in Dragon Ball history, including changing into a Great Ape and activating Ultra Instinct for the first time.

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Dragon Ball: Every Change Goku Has Undergone

13 Oozaru has the ability to tenfold increase a Saiyan’s power.

The original Dragon Ball Team is left behind, imprisoned inside Pilaf's palace, and faces certain death as the sun slowly rises above them. Thankfully, a full moon emerges that evening, and Goku's tail allows him to change into a large ape. After freeing everyone from Pilaf's captivity, Oozaru Goku goes on an uncontrollable rage. Goku destroys everything around him and puts his allies in peril because he lacks a true sense of self. Yamcha saves the day by chopping off Goku's tail while assisting Puar.

The original Dragon Ball Team is left behind, imprisoned inside Pilaf’s palace, and faces certain death as the sun slowly rises above them. Thankfully, a full moon emerges that evening, and Goku’s tail allows him to change into a large ape. After freeing everyone from Pilaf’s captivity, Oozaru Goku goes on an uncontrollable rage. Goku destroys everything around him and puts his allies in peril because he lacks a true sense of self. Yamcha saves the day by chopping off Goku’s tail while assisting Puar.

12 Kaioken Provides A Quick, But Transient, Power Increase.

Goku trains with Kaio in the afterlife after passing away at the beginning of the Saiyan arc. Notably, Kaio teaches Goku two moves: the Kaioken and the Genki Dama. Although Toriyama shows the Genki Dama in training before the battle with the Saiyans, Kaioken’s revelation is delayed. It’s important to note that, although Kaioken is essentially a technique, Goku starts using it in the Namek arc as if it were a transformation.

Goku’s strength is increased geometrically by Kaioken, with more powerful versions providing more of a power boost. But there is a price to pay: Kaioken causes the user’s body to tire out far more quickly. Subsequently in Dragon Ball Super, the show takes things a step further by letting Goku use Kaioken to enhance his transformations, creating an additional Goku transformation.

11 The pinnacle of Saiyan power was represented by Super Saiyan.

In contrast to his battle with Vegeta, in which he lets Kaioken obliterate his body, Goku surrenders before Frieza offers him the opportunity. Instead, he devotes all of his efforts to a Genki Dama, which only makes Frieza more irate. Frieza kills Krillin in retaliation, although this ultimately proves to be the villain’s undoing.

Goku becomes the fabled Super Saiyan, gets a second wind, and puts Frieza through one of the most painful losses in the series after witnessing his best buddy rip apart right before his eyes. Super Saiyan’s spectacular introduction has made it the most recognizable of all the Goku transformations. It’s also one of the most adaptable transformations in the series because Saiyans may take on a variety of forms.

10 Following the arrival of Cell, 10 Super Saiyan 2 became the new standard.

The Super Saiyan state and how to advance it are major themes of the Cell storyline. Although Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks each have unique augmentations known as Grade forms, they are essentially just modified versions of the standard Super Saiyan. A new appropriate form isn’t presented until Gohan activates Super Saiyan 2 in the Cell Games. Goku activates Super Saiyan 2 while training in the afterlife after dying in the Cell Games. A lack of stamina loss indicates that Goku probably uses Super Saiyan 2 sooner rather than later. Goku initially displays the form against Yakon in a flash battle.

9 Super Saiyan 3 was Goku’s only means of defeating Majin Buu.

It’s fascinating how Toriyama gives Goku an introduction to Super Saiyan 2, only to discontinue it soon after. Goku battles Majin Vegeta in the form, although at least in the original manga, he never engages in combat there again. Goku’s transformation causes the cosmos to tremble as he stalls against Buu, unleashing Super Saiyan 3 for the first time.

Given how much strain Super Saiyan 3 places on a living body and how much work Goku puts into morphing while he’s dead, it makes sense that mastering the form takes Goku a long time. Super Saiyan 3 has long been firmly in his grasp thanks to Dragon Ball Super, although Goku finds its portrayal in the Buu chapter to be too cumbersome. However, even in Super.

8 Super Saiyan 4 Stresses the Value of the Oozaru Form Once More

When the Super Saiyan 4 transformation first appeared in Dragon Ball GT, it became incredibly popular. Even after being declared non-canonical, this Goku form and the series it first appeared in continued to be included in video games and memorabilia. Goku sought for a higher power after Baby, a Super Saiyan 3, vanquished him.

Goku first had to work with Old Kai, Sugoro, and Shusugoro to reclaim his Saiyan tail in order to reach Super Saiyan 4. Goku was able to change into a Golden Oozaru as a result. At first, Goku’s control over this form was limited. Pan managed to connect with Goku, allowing him to take control of his Golden Oozaru form. By accomplishing this, Goku finished his transformation into Super Saiyan 4, which had an adult body.

7 Seven Super Saiyan God Was Even Among the Saiyans A Forgotten Myth

Battle of Gods is fundamentally a character analysis of Son Goku and the concepts that make up Dragon Ball. The antagonist of the tale is an unstoppable opponent that pushes Goku to the brink of defeat but never truly gives him the satisfaction of victory. Goku is humbled in Battle of Gods, particularly by the Super Saiyan God ritual. Super Saiyan God is a form that Goku gets through the might of others, not something he achieves on his own. Although he doesn’t want it, he recognizes its necessity. Beerus understands, however, that Goku’s expertise is still unique even though his power isn’t. The way that Goku is portrayed in BoG lends itself to extensive analysis.

6 Super Saiyan Super Saiyans Now Have A New Standard Thanks To Blue

After the Battle of Gods, Whis helps Vegeta and Goku with their training. Although it is never made clear in the anime or manga how either martial artist activates Super Saiyan Blue, everything suggests that they become proficient in it during this training phase. Whis is teaching them the God Ki technique, thus it’s probable that SSB will always be one of their main objectives. Since then, Super Saiyan Blue has evolved into Dragon Ball Super’s Super Saiyan, acting as the foundational forms for Vegeta and Goku. Although the blue looks great on Goku in his Resurrection F gear, it doesn’t look all that spectacular when he’s wearing his Turtle School suit.

5 Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken Uses Time Mastery to Assist Goku in Fighting Against An Assassin

Following Golden Frieza’s defeat, Goku and Vegeta endeavored to enhance their recently acquired Super Saiyan Blue powers. Later in Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta managed to accomplish this, but Goku soon discovered a different path by employing an antiquated method. Goku was able to use the Kaioken technique because Super Saiyan Blue gave him more ki control. Goku had originally intended to reserve this form for a rematch with Beerus, but in order to defeat Hit’s time-skip move, he had to utilize its ability multipliers. Because Goku’s body couldn’t withstand Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken for an extended period of time, it had the same limitations as the standard Kaioken.

4 Ultra Instinct -Sign- Displayed Goku’s Trained Fruits

A significant turning point for Dragon Ball Super was the Universe Survival arc, which essentially reframed modern Dragon Ball. The multiverse had been suitably enlarged, all the parts had been put in place, and Goku now had Ultra Instinct mastery as his ultimate objective. During the Tournament of Power, Goku first activated Ultra Instinct. While Goku in the manga used Ultra Instinct as a mental state, in the anime Ultra Instinct was powered by his own Genki Dama’s energy. The real text of the series handled Ultra Instinct as a technique, yet it’s shown as a transformation. Goku could call upon Ultra Instinct -Sign- whenever he felt calm, as of the Moro arc.

3 Perfect Ultra Instinct Was Created in Reaction To Goku’s Desire To Beat Jiren

Goku had to go farther by finishing his Ultra Instinct form in order to defeat Jiren in the Tournament of Power. Ultra Instinct -Sign- wasn’t enough. Goku, in his Ultra Instinct -Sign- form, was nearly destroyed by Jiren’s barrage of strikes, so he stayed cautious. Goku’s offensive outburst culminated in him attaining the Perfected Ultra Instinct level. He didn’t get back to Ultra Instinct -Sign- until he trained with Merus during the Moro arc. Afterwards, upon Merus’ erasure, Goku used the completed Ultra Instinct to control his emotions during a painful moment. Goku has utilized the form at will ever since.

2 Goku’s best opportunity to stop Moro was in Divine Ki Giant Battle Avatar

Goku faces Planet-Eater Moro during the Galactic Patrol Prisoner storyline, and he is tested to the breaking point. Goku tries to smash the warlock’s forehead crystal to stop it from exploding and ruining the galaxy, but Moro grabs hold of him and drains his energy. The protagonist of the series was able to refuel and transform into Divine Ki Giant Battle Avatar, nevertheless, because of the divine energy of Uub and Goku’s other allies. The physical embodiment of Goku’s Divine Ki is this form. Thus far, the metamorphosis has only happened when Goku faced off against Moro and Gas, the main antagonists of the most recent arcs of the manga.

1 Actual Ultra Instinct Shown Goku Discovering His Own Method for Using Ultra Instinct

In order for Goku to use Perfected Ultra Instinct, he needs to be entirely composed. The Saiyan warrior’s passion, ambition, and wrath fuel his fighting style; as a result, Perfect Ultra Instinct isn’t making the most of his abilities. But Goku’s battle-driven personality is best suited by True Ultra Instinct, which he obtains by fusing Ultra Instinct -Sign- with his Saiyan emotions.

Up until the former took on this form during the Granolah the Survivor narrative, Goku and Vegeta found it difficult to protect themselves against Gas. He was able to defeat Gas with its newly acquired strength, even after the antagonist escaped Granolah’s final blow. True Ultra Instinct would have been the most powerful form in the franchise if Black Frieza hadn’t been introduced.


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