Dragon Ball Super: Broly’s Top 10 Fights, Ranked

A significant turning point in the series that features many memorable bouts amongst Dragon Ball’s greatest fighters is Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

The narrative of Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball Super anime, which aired for 131 episodes, is still being developed through manga. Nevertheless, there have also been feature films with impressive sights and narratives that takethe audience to fascinating new locations. The first of these films, Dragon Ball Super: Broly (2018), daringly introduces the beloved Legendary Super Saiyan into the canon of the series.

Three Dragon Ball Z films centered on Broly; nevertheless, in Dragon Ball Super: he introduces both his canonical debut and a number of additional surprises. When it comes to battling Broly, Dragon Ball’s protagonists have their work cut out for them. In addition, Dragon Ball Super: Broly has several additional noteworthy battles that demonstrate why the film is so highly regarded by the fan base.

A significant turning point in the series that features many memorable bouts amongst Dragon Ball's greatest fighters is Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

10. Bardock & Leek Take Charge of Unknown Aliens

Following the events of the Tournament of Power, the anime’s multiversal war royale, comes Dragon Ball Super: Broly. But the movie has a thrilling prologue that tells more about Planet Vegeta’s devastation and Frieza’s cunning alliance with the Saiyans. This involves a leisurely diversion with Goku’s father, Bardock, and his group of Saiyan mercenaries. Leek is a comrade of Bardock’s who offers crucial support during Team Bardock’s invasions of other worlds.

Although Leek doesn’t play a big part in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, he does participate in a small mission where he and Bardock defeat several auxiliary aliens. It’s a little scene, one of the more inconsequential fights in the movie, but it establishes the togetherness of the Saiyans and how Frieza’s destructive coup is going to ruin it all. In the flashback of Planet Cereal’s conquest in the Dragon Ball Super manga, Leek also reappears.

9. Broly’s Argument With Daigen Turns Into A Preliminary Sign Of Things To Come

Hundreds of unknown troops make up Frieza’s army; one such soldier is Daigen, who exemplifies his aggression and might. Although he and Daigen’s combat is brief, it develops several important relationships and ideas that end up being more important than the actual fight. After Daigen consumes a bit too much alcohol, an awkward incident arises and his team is momentarily allied with the Frieza Force. Daigen advances on Cheelai, but the awkward goon piques her curiosity. Even when Lemo makes an effort to cover Daigen’s food costs, it is insufficient.

In spite of his father’s insistence to the contrary, he intervenes to resolve the matter. Daigen responds by punching him, missing the Saiyan entirely, but he then grabs Daigen by the neck, pulls him off the ground, and almost chokes the hell out of him. When Paragus activates his restraining collar, this small-scale conflict ends. The brief battle gives viewers a taste of both Broly’s intense fury and his father’s capacity to calm him with the shock of his collar.

8. Frieza Dismembers Bardock in His First Form

Although Dragon Ball Super: Broly makes significant plot advancements for the series, some of its most enjoyable scenes are ones that retell earlier events. After witnessing this tragic event repeatedly in the anime and manga, the viewer is aware that Frieza is to blame for the devastation of Planet Vegeta and the end of the Saiyan species. The planet’s end is once more chronicled in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, but it has never looked better than it does in this scene. Bardock organizes an ineffective uprising against Frieza, but it is still much too little to make a difference.

Preparing his famous Death Ball attack—a nearly planet-sized weapon—is Frieza. With his Final Spirit Cannon, Bardock retaliates, usually dealing enough damage to take down low-level adversaries. In this instance, Frieza’s explosion engulfs Bardock’s method, and the Saiyan gradually burns up along with his people and his planet. It’s a heartbreaking scene, particularly when the viewer is aware of Bardock’s futility and the futility of his last-minute bravery.

7. Goku and Vegeta Engage in a Focused Fighting Session

One of the most fulfilling interactions in Dragon Ball is the constant friendly rivalry between Goku and Vegeta. Although they haven’t really engaged in lethal combat in a long, these two nevertheless frequently engage in friendly sparring. While these Saiyans are engaged in friendly fighting at Bulma’s vacation house on an island south of West City, Dragon Ball Super: Broly stops by.

Because Beerus and Whis are also there, these two gods are able to assess the Saiyans’ power in the wake of the Tournament of Power in the series. Even if there isn’t much action during a Goku and Vegeta sparring session, fans will always find it entertaining. This clash doesn’t provide any significant insights, but it does ultimately set up some pleasant symmetry in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero when Vegeta defeats Goku in a similar combat drill.

6. Super Saiyan God Vegeta Is The First To Feel Broly’s Actual Fury

Early on in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, references are made to Broly’s extraordinary strength and unwavering resolve. But it’s not really evident what Broly is capable of until his battle with Vegeta. When Paragus gives his son the task of facing Vegeta, the Saiyan Prince first turns into a Super Saiyan and then shows that he has also learned the ways of the Super Saiyan God. Viewers have been eager to witness Super Saiyan God Vegeta, and it is a pleasing sight.

Vegeta gains the upper hand thanks to this infusion of God ki until Broly transforms into his wrathful state and uses his human form to channel Great Ape power. The negative aspect of this situation is that Wrathful Broly lacks self-control, which allows him to overpower Vegeta until Goku intervenes. This is a unique fight because of Vegeta and Broly’s varied fighting styles, their choreography, and the chilly setting of the fight.

5. Brother Takes His Entire Fury At Super Saiyan Blue Goku And Gets A Meritorious Challenge

The battle between Goku and Broly in Dragon Ball Super: Broly is an exciting exhibition of strength that is as much about opposing ideologies as it is about mere might. Goku takes his time talking to Broly, trying to reason with him by telling him that he and Vegeta have made a quiet life for themselves on Earth and that they pose no threat to him. Additionally, he realizes that Broly is merely confused and spends too much time with negative influences rather than being genuinely wicked.

Goku is forced to transform into both Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue since Broly’s wrath is beyond reason. The latter transformation, however, appears to finally matter and give him the upper hand. Even though this fight is already exciting, when Frieza turns to eliminate Paragus in order to unleash Broly’s full power, there’s a real risk factor added. Even though it’s a brutal tactic, Paragus’s demise succeeds and provides Broly the upper hand in combat once more. Goku finds himself without many options, so he starts thinking of other survival tactics.

4. Goku and Vegeta Launch A Tag-Team Attack Against Broly

Broly’s murderous drive is sparked by Paragus’s death, and Vegeta and Super Saiyan Blue Goku’s combined might cannot stop this threat. The intense combat doesn’t last long since Goku and Vegeta have already taken a lot of damage and are exhausted. Even still, watching these two Saiyans cooperate to take down one of their own kind is really energizing.

Since Broly doesn’t appear to be slowing down, Goku decides to transport Vegeta and himself to Piccolo’s position so they can regroup. The Saiyans believe that the Senzu Beans have healing properties, but Piccolo lacks them, thus the Saiyan pair will have to use a new, more contentious strategy to appease Broly and his increasing influence.

3. Broly Acquires His Retribution Against An Overwhelming Golden Frieza

Goku and Vegeta’s temporary absence pushes Broly to channel his rage towards Golden Frieza. This is an extremely cathartic clash and the first fight in Dragon Ball Super: Broly that’s actually justified. Broly beats up Golden Frieza because he’s murdered his father, but in many ways, every punch that he launches represents Frieza’s manipulation and subjugation of the entire Saiyan race. Frieza’s Golden form brings out the villain’s cocky nature, yet he’s absolutely useless against Broly.

Frieza is lucky that he’s not completely destroyed by the powerful rampaging Saiyan. He barely survives this fight and audiences are ecstatic to see someone like Frieza receive such a severe and well-deserved punishment. Frieza is largely responsible for all the events in Dragon Ball Super: Broly and this violent consequence proves that he should stop messing with the Saiyans.

2. Whis Teach Broly About Angel Domination

Ever since Dragon Ball Super first began, Whis, the Angel of Universe 7, has been an essential character. Nevertheless, he is not someone who often enters combat and uses all of his might. he tries to attack Whis since he has no one else to target. Whis thinks this decision is very funny, and he plays with him, avoiding all of his attacks in the process.

Even though Dragon Ball Super: Broly is only a stand-in for the actual heroes until they return, he and Whis’ encounter is significant nonetheless. Whis is unable to go in and take out him on her own because she is an Angel. But his victory over the powerful opponent supports the idea that Angels are superior to everyone else. Fighting Whis is a fruitless endeavor that will ultimately lead to the challenger’s downfall.

1 Broly’s legendary super Saiyan strength is finally revealed with the birth of Gogeta.

The fact that Dragon Ball Super: Broly canonically introduces him into the series makes it noteworthy. But it's also important because this film serves as Gogeta's (the product of Goku and Vegeta's fusion dance) Dragon Ball Super premiere

The fact that Dragon Ball Super: Broly canonically introduces him into the series makes it noteworthy. But it’s also important because this film serves as Gogeta’s (the product of Goku and Vegeta’s fusion dance) Dragon Ball Super premiere. Although Gogeta made appearances in Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn and Dragon Ball GT, Vegito has up to now been the canonical Goku and Vegeta in the series. At last, Broly and his legendary Super Saiyan strength have a battle worthy of Gogeta, who has Super Saiyan Blue power. The two powerful fighters nearly ruin their surroundings, and there are more worries that Broly, in this hyperactive state, is unable to distinguish between right and wrong.

Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta prepares a terrible Kamehameha that would probably kill him in order to stop him from causing any more uncontrolled havoc. When Cheelai uses the Dragon Balls to wish him back to Planet Vampa, the duel ends prematurely and Broly just escapes defeat. It’s a stunning battle that features two of Dragon Ball’s most well-known characters in their peak, is exquisitely drawn, and has a viscerally deadly vibe. There won’t be an easier rematch between Gogeta and Broly.

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