Jujutsu Kaisen 248: Itadori Gets His Biggest Power-Up To Date

Jujutsu Kaisen 248 gave Yuji Itadori a significant power boost. These are some possible effects of his new skills on the battle with Ryomen Sukuna.
Since joining jujutsu society, itadori has proceeded to break through every assumed power ceiling, despite the fact that a sorcerer’s full potential is often set at birth. his path as a sorcerer began just months ago when Itadori swallowed the first of Sukuna’s fingers and attained a degree of cursed energy control that most jujutsu sorcerers never accomplish in their lifetimes. As he is now a member of the exclusive group of sorcerers that can wield reverse cursed energy, his most recent development solidifies his status as one of Jujutsu Kaisen’s best-living sorcerers.

Itadori’s development throughout the Culling Game storyline has been nothing short of phenomenal. Itadori had always been a terrific physical force, but in his most recent fight with Sukuna, he elevated this quality to a whole new level. Even after their most recent battle, in which their strikes were powerful enough to knock down whole building blocks, Sukuna would not concede that Itadori was stronger. Now that Itadori has mastered the reverse cursed method in the short weeks since their previous combat, the King of Curses is under pressure to reconsider his opinion of his former host and make a final decision regarding their shared fate.

Itadori Yuji Can Now Use Reverse Cursed Technique

Itadori's development throughout the Culling Game storyline has been nothing short of phenomenal. Itadori had always been a terrific physical force

Because reverse-cursed technology is fueled by positive energy, it differs fundamentally from ordinary cursed energy. It is produced by the incredibly difficult procedure of multiplying two normal negative cursed energy sources by one another in order to produce positive energy. Since only Special Grade elites like Ryomen Sukuna, Gojo Satoru, and Yuta Okkotsu can effectively execute this approach, his mastery of it represents his greatest jujutsu advancement to date. The inverse version of the ordinary cursed technique may likewise be manifested through the reverse cursed technique, indicating that if he launches one, it will already be far more adaptable than that of conventional sorcerers.

It was proven that he had learned the reverse cursed method by none other than Sukuna, who saw that his previous host had become much more resilient than in their previous encounter. He became aware of this after many slashes to his torso with his Cleave technique, which, although intended to kill the sorcerer at close range, appeared to have no effect after a few minutes. His wound had only left a rip in his shirt where Sukuna’s method had been applied, along with the signature steam that is released when the reverse cursed technique is performed for healing.

Although the exact method of Itadori’s acquisition of this new talent is unknown, there have been several indications in the most recent JJK manga arc that he was about to get some new powers. he trained closely with Grade 1 genius Atsuya Kusakube in the month prior to Gojo’s matchup with Sukuna. Like Itadori, Kusakube attained this level without the use of a cursed method, and it’s possible that he shared his Simple Domain technique along with additional, as-yet-undiscovered secrets.

It’s possible that also ate the remaining Cursed Womb: Death Paintings, which have not yet materialized. Choso hinted in Chapter 220 that his brothers continued to exist through him. Should he have consumed the Death Paintings, it would partially account for his unexpected mastery of the reverse cursed method and the appendages that resemble curses that have grown on his arms. Who knows? Itadori may even perfect a method akin to the Blood Manipulation that all of his brothers on Kenjaku’s side appear to know.

Why Sukuna Doesn’t Find Itadori’s Development Impressive

Although Sukuna has always had contempt for Itadori, his reaction when he learned that he could employ the reverse cursed method revealed the depth of his animosity toward his former host. Sukuna appeared thrilled at the thought of a sorcerer being able to learn the reverse cursed method in such a short amount of time, as they faced Hiromi Higuruma. Sukuna even went above and beyond and placed himself in risk to push Higuruma to that point before eliminating him. This mindset complemented Sukuna’s humoring adversaries that he thought would be amusing.

Sukuna, on the other hand, declined to show Itadori the same respect. Conversely, it appeared that he was more irritated than he had ever been before. Sukuna’s irritation at his growth is in itself a twisted form of acknowledgment, one that the King of Curses was reluctant to give because of the implications for what he might be able to achieve shortly. Up until now, Sukuna had always thought of him as untalented and therefore uninteresting.

Up until he succeeded in robbing Megumi Fushiguro of her corpse, Sukuna was the only one with a far better picture of his actual nature. He saw his sorcerer’s journey from the very beginning and all the major setbacks he had to face, from Junpei’s passing to Megumi’s capture. Given everything that he has gone through, his spirit ought to have been crushed 10 times over. Because their souls intertwined due to sharing his body, Sukuna knows that his unwavering spirit is the reason of his tenacity and subsequent success in jujutsu.

Sukuna believes that skill in jujutsu is everything, thus he is angry that a sorcerer like him might test even him. Sukuna is aware of how seriously he takes his ideas, unlike his previous opponents, whom he could easily brush off. He is the oddity that most refutes Sukuna’s theory that power comes from putting oneself first and blazing a trail toward an objective while ignoring everyone else.

Because of his strong desire to keep everyone around him safe, as well as the support of the companions he gained along the way, he has thrived as a sorcerer. Paradoxically, it is precisely this altruistic purpose that keeps Itadori going when others would give up if only to see whether he might help others.

The Last Villain of Jujutsu Kaisen Wants To Break Itadori

The antagonist pledged that his will would be upheld when Yuta killed Kenjaku. Another Culling Game rule is added in Chapter 248 to further clarify this claim. Sukuna became the last person standing in the way of Tengen and mankind merging, having been given the power to initiate the merger.

Sukuna is making use of her position to address the issue once and for all. He has put him solidly on his warpath by declaring his determination to complete the merger and the Culling Game. Sukuna will need to eliminate every other Culling Game player—many of whom are his close friends—to do this.

This appears to be Sukuna’s last confrontation with him and her eventual rejection of him. Sukuna thinks that his unwavering resolve would ultimately crack under this indiscriminate killing. The world’s destiny is at stake, and Sukuna has just a small group of jujutsu sorcerers standing against her.

Which Sorcerers Will Stay To Face Off Against Sukuna In The Last Battle of Jujutsu Kaisen?

Currently leading the charge in the fight to defeat Sukuna are Itadori and Yuta Okkotsu, who have a fully developed Rika, but a number of other players might have an impact on how the Culling Game turns out. Injured sorcerers are swiftly retrieved by Kirara Hoshi and Ui Ui’s squad, who operate akin to emergency services, and brought to Shoko Ieri’s location for reverse cursed method healing. They may approach Sukuna rather closely without endangering themselves because to Ui Ui’s cursed Teleportation skill, which allows them to retreat nearly instantly to a safe place.

Since Gojo and Higuruma’s remains have been recovered thus far by Ui Ui and Shoko, there is a chance that those two giants may make a comeback. When combined with Utahime Iori’s Solo Forbidden Area method, which has boosting effects, Shoko’s reverse cursed technique may be sufficient to cope with the extent of their injuries. If not, she may be able to pull off a surprise. Additionally, Sukuna appears to be disregarding its transportation efforts for the time being, which might present UI Ui and Kirara with an unexpected opportunity to attack.

Currently serving as he and Yuta’s principal backup sorcerers, Takuma Ino and Kusakube are skilled at the guerilla tactics that permitted the King of Curses to be confined in Higuruma’s domain. Even though things might not have gone quite as they had hoped, they were able to take the cursed instrument from Kamutoke out of Sukuna’s possession and further reduce his choices.

It is unreasonable to expect Higuruma and Ino to take many chances in combat because they lack the reverse cursed method. However, Sukuna should be cautious around these two players, particularly if he and Yuta are consuming all of his attention.

Though Hakari Kinji’s conflict with Uraume is far from over, he is currently doing his part to keep Sukuna apart from his most dependable aide. Hakari should be allowed to return to the fight and play a more active part in supporting his comrades if he wins.

Given that the Sukuna striking force was created with the reverse cursed technique users favored, Hakari’s reflexive healing would make him very durable against even the strongest Cleave or Dismantle slashes.

Maki Zenin and Mei Mei haven’t yet entered the battle. Mei Mei may be extremely strong, but she wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything against Sukuna’s immense might. It’s fortunate that “Bird Strike,” her most effective method, is delivered with a hint of surprise. Mei Mei, a Grade 1 with a plethora of expertise, is subtly monitoring the fight with Black Bird Manipulation while assisting in organizing the assaults of her juniors.

Maki is perhaps the hidden weapon used by jujutsu sorcerers. She is as strong as Toji Fushiguro was at his strongest, and as she lacks any naturally cursed energy, Sukuna’s conventional senses should be unable to detect her.

With a replica of the Split Soul Katana in her possession, Maki is the best opportunity, if it’s still feasible, to keep Megumi and Sukuna apart. She has already managed to sneak up on him once.

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