Jujutsu Kaisen’s 10 Most Significant Deaths and How They Affected the Series

Several startling fatalities in JJK turned into significant turning moments that permanently altered the series.

A grim shonen anime, Jujitsu Kaisen is not above tragedy. When there are Cursed Spirits involved, death is inevitable. Nonetheless, a few deaths had such a profound impact that they irrevocably altered the plot.

For others, Jujutsu Kaisen’s most significant fatalities serve as inspiration for their characters. Some deaths are so unexpected that viewers grieve for the deceased in real life and question how the program will continue without them. Characters do resurrect occasionally, but this just serves to emphasize how significant their first death and subsequent tragedy were. Although character fatalities are common in Jujutsu Kaisen, their deaths often represent important turning moments in the story.

Jujutsu Kaisen's 10 Most Significant Deaths and How They Affected the Series

10 Riko Amanai passes away before achieving her goals.

Riko Amanai is a teenage girl who is destined to become the new Star Plasma Vessel. Although she knows she’ll be dying, Rika seems delighted to be helping Jujutsu Sorcerers keep the barrier around the two Jujutsu High Schools. Yet, just as she’s about to replace the current Vessel, Tengen, she is murdered by Toji Fushiguro.

Riko’s death not only means that the protection of Jujutsu High campuses is potentially weakened since Tengen can’t move on, but it also has a significant effect on Suguru Geto. Riko is killed right in front of Geto just after he thinks he’s completed his mission. Riko’s loss sets Geto into a spiral that leads to the deepening of his more troubling ideals about Jujutsu Sorcerer supremacy. Riko’s death breaks Gojo and Geto’s relationship and creates a villain from a talented young sorcerer.

9 Toji Fushiguro’s Humanity Is Evident in His Second Death

Toji Fushiguro finally resurfaces during the Shibuya Incident using a Seance Cursed Technique, despite having a hole torn through his body. Unfortunately for the vessel, Toji gains full control and the guy turns into a reincarnation of Toji Fushiguro. Despite being a threat at first, Toji manages to destroy the Cursed Spirit Dagon and save several Jujutsu Sorcerers.

This is short-lived as Toji engages in a full-fledged battle with his son Megumi. Megumi gives it his all, but it’s obvious that Toji is ahead of him—that is until he meets Megumi’s gaze. Toji quickly recognizes who he is up against. His eyes brighten as he asks the youngster for his name, and for a moment he is happy to learn that Megumi did not attend the Zenin clan. Toji then ends his own life since he has given up on fighting his son. Although anime fans are unaware of Megumi’s identity, Toji’s second death significantly represents two things.

The first is that, despite his warped nature, Toji did harbor some sort of heart and cared for his son. This provides a fresh viewpoint on his intentions and decision-making process. It also means that the scales are about to be tipped back again. Though never entirely wicked, Toji was undoubtedly bad, and his return and eventual suicide demonstrate that he wouldn’t have taken a true side in the conflict between humans and Curses, which would have added to the complexity of events.

8 Signs of Toji Fushiguro’s First Death Satoru Gojo’s Enlightenment

In Jujutsu Kaisen, Toji Fushiguro is one of the most fearsome Curse Exorcizers. He is not just a member of the elite Zenin clan, but he is also morally bankrupt. He will pursue any person or Curse as long as someone can afford to hire him. Regretfully, Toji finds himself confronted with a formidable opponent in Satoru Gojo.

Even though Toji doesn’t appear to be using Cursed Energy, Gojo’s full potential is shown throughout this battle. Gojo gains the strength to pierce Toji completely as a result. Not only does Toji’s passing thwart darker schemes to eliminate Jujutsu Sorcerers, but it also allows Gojo to reach his greatest potential. In the 2018 timeline, Gojo becomes the person fans know due to this fight. Since Toji was the first of many to encounter Gojo’s full strength, the Sorcerers were temporarily in the lead.

7 The Death of Yuji Itadori Shows Sukuna’s Power

Ever since the passing of his grandpa, Yuji Itadori has made it his goal to save as many people as he can. This throws him into problems when he consumes a “magic” finger and is taken over by Ryomen Sukuna, one of the most dreaded Cursed Spirits. When he obtains the upper hand, Sukuna disregards human life and tears out Yuji’s heart to see how the other Sorcerers will respond.

Even though Yuji is temporarily killed by this, Shoko Ieiri can bring him back to life since Sukuna’s Innate Void technically preserved his soul. While Gojo is training him to become a skilled Jujutsu Sorcerer, Megumi Fushiguro, Nobara Kugisaki, and his other companions are lamenting his passing. Even though Yuji is brought back to life, his passing demonstrates how lethal and crafty Sukuna can be. It’s also the reason Yuji strikes a deal with Sukuna that can turn out to be devastating in the future.

6 Kento Nanami’s Demise Portrays the Ascent of the Next Generation

Keno Nanami is not happy with her life. Having witnessed immense tragedy in his youth, he appeared even less content after giving up wizardry to pursue a business career. Nanami isn’t pleased that so many kids are being educated to kill monsters, even when he returns to sorcery. His views are fueled by this rage, which also makes him feel compelled to defend the younger generation.

Nanami intervenes whenever he can to vanquish Curses, sparing junior sorcerers and high school students from having to. But during the Shibuya Incident, Jogo severely hurts Nanami, and Mahito finally kills her. Nanami turns to Yuji Itadori just before he dies away, ultimately handing off the reins of leadership to the following generation. For the majority of his life, Nanami battled to save the younger generation, but in the end, even he had to relinquish his protection of Yuji and the others.

5 Rika Orimoto Constructs A Strong Jujutsu Sorcerer

Little Rika Orimoto finds herself in an awkward situation where she is not supposed to be. She gets killed in a vehicle accident when she is just eleven years old. But Yuta Okkotsu, her buddy, is so upset over seeing her die that he unintentionally turns her soul into a Cursed Spirit. For the majority of Yuta’s existence, Cursed Spirit Rika stalks him and keeps him apart from his contemporaries. However, in the end, it results in Suguru Geto, the evil Jujutsu Sorcerer, dying and Yuta becoming a member of the group.

Rika stays with Yuta even after Yuta gives up her soul. Her vessel continues to shield the youngster from harm while containing his Cursed Tools and Cursed Energy. In a manner, Yuta was allowed to reach his full potential as a result of Rika’s passing, even if it inflicted irreversible trauma and damage. As Yuta grows stronger, he is sent to kill Yuji Itadori, who is still holding the terrifying Sukuna. However, anime viewers will have to wait and see if Yuta’s strength can withstand such a strong foe.

4 Suguru Geto’s Death Causes Further Tragedies in Shibuya

Satoru Gojo and Suguru Geto had a close friendship. Although they never took things too seriously, they got along well. They had a few points of disagreement, but their principles didn’t change and a breach didn’t occur until later in high school.

A last fight between Geto and Gojo takes place years later. Geto and Gojo have one more conversation after Yuuta Okkotsu gravely wounds him and exorcizes him of all his cursed spirits. Gojo murders his longtime friend and disappears with the body. Regretfully, this allows a Cursed Spirit to seize control of it and utilize it to start a Curse revolution. Geto’s passing has a profound effect since it not only ends the struggle between Gojo and Geto but also sets up the current events in the program. The Cursed Spirits had optimism after Geto’s death that they would be able to eliminate humanity and take over as the dominating race.

3 Yu Haibara Consolidates the Principles of Kento Nanami

In 2006, Yu Haibara was one of just two freshmen at Jujutsu High. Being the youngest pupils, he and Kento Nanami grew close and frequently hung out. Haibara is his normal happy self as he and Nanami go on a mission together. He regrettably fails to complete the task. The only other place audiences see him is at the morgue, where Nanami is weeping next to him.

After Haibara’s passing, Nanami’s disenchantment with sorcery begins. After his friend’s passing, Nanami believes that battling Curses is worthless and a terrible waste of his youth. As a result, Nanami grows up and consistently puts himself in risk to save others from suffering the same fate as Haibara. Nanami cannot bear the thought that he has once again failed to preserve a young, promising life, even if doing so causes him damage.

2 Wasuke Itadori Embarks His Grandson On A Virtuous Course

Yuji Itadori’s grandfather and caregiver is Wasuke Itadori. Regretfully, Yuji internalizes the advice that Wasuke provides him as he grows sick and approaches death. To avoid dying alone as Wasuke did, Wasuke advises his grandson to help others as much as possible, whenever possible.

This counsel causes Yuji to act without thinking or using his powers, and it also causes him to impulsively swallow Sukuna’s first finger to increase his strength and protect others from a Curse. Yuji enters a terrifying and deadly realm after hearing Wasuke’s remarks. Additionally, it gives Yuji an exaggerated need to defend others at all costs, even if it means jeopardizing his own life.

1 Junpei Yoshino Is The First Individual That Yuji Itadori Is Unable To Rescue

Teenage introvert Junpei Yoshino is cruelly tormented by his friends. Teachers do little to assist Junpei, not even when they witness his attackers in action. As a result, Yuji and Junpei rapidly become friends after he extends his friendship to her.

Teenage introvert Junpei Yoshino is cruelly tormented by his friends. Teachers do little to assist Junpei, not even when they witness his attackers in action. As a result, Yuji and Junpei rapidly become friends after he extends his friendship to her.

Regretfully, Junpei becomes overwhelmed by the bullying and is seduced into trailing Mahito, the Cursed Spirit. Although Mahito fulfills his pledge to Junpei to get revenge on his abusers, Mahito ultimately murders him out of avarice. Since Junpei was the first person Yuji had failed to save, his passing grieves Yuji greatly. Yuji’s animosity for Mahito, which he carries into the Shibuya Arc, is further cemented by Junpei’s death. The fact that no one ever cares enough about Junpei (apart from Yuji) to take action not only sets up Junpei’s demise but also marks the beginning of Yuji’s spiral into darkness.

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