jujutsu kiasen and Manga:10 Things Manga Readers Can Expect From Season 3 of Jujutsu Kaisen

jujutsu kiasen and Manga:10 Things Manga Readers Can Expect From Season 3 of Jujutsu Kaisen

Fans of JJK manga are thrilled to see pivotal moments in its third season, such as Yuta Okkotsu’s first appearance since JJK 0.
The second season of Jujutsu Kaisen continues the series’ momentum as a must-see shōnen anime. Undoubtedly, it’s among the most well-liked and enduring anime of the 2020s. With the Shibuya Incident documented in the novels, viewers of anime anticipate the release of season 3. But what precisely is in store for Jujutsu High’s sorcerers?

Manga readers are well aware of the response to that query. Kenjaku devises a plot involving the Culling Game, a lethal combat royale. Killing other players within the play zone awards points to the players. A crazy sequence of events takes place, captivating viewers at every turn. Manga readers may anticipate very skilled depictions of these events.

The Jujutsu Kaisen manga is spoilered in this list.

10. Yuta Okkotsu Will Make Her First Appearance in the Narration Since Jujutsu Kaisen 0

A child called Yuta played the lead role in the Jujutsu Kaisen 0 film, following him as he made his way through life as a Jujutsu Sorcerer. He turns into one of Gojo’s students and plays a significant role in his scheme to upend the Jujutsu world.

In the manga, he is given the duty of putting Yuji Itadori to death by Jujutsu High. It’s exhilarating to think of two of Gojo’s students battling. But this encounter isn’t as simple as it looks.
Gojo intends to trick Yuji’s superiors by staging his death a second time. Yuta is used for the advantage of Gojo and Yuji. It is anticipated by fans that Yuji will return to the tale soon after “dying.” Yuji will disappear once more and reappear in the Culling Game. Manga readers will be pleased to see Yuta back in animation.

9. Tengen Will Reappear in the Culling Game to Help Jujutsu High

As fans of anime may remember, the Hidden Inventory Arc was centered on Riko offering herself as Tengen’s sacrifice to maintain the integrity of the Jujutsu universe. Yuji and the others ask the immortal being for counsel in the present era.

He would be more than delighted to help Sukuna’s ship and his companions. In the upcoming days, Yuji and colleagues will require all the assistance they can get.

A lethal war royale that rocks the globe is called The Culling Game. Megumi is attempting to protect his family members from the terrible game that Psuedo-Geto has created. Megumi, Yuji, and the others ask for advice on how to unseal Gojo and how to play the Culling Game. In these unsettling times, Tengen will prove to be a trustworthy source of knowledge.

The Jujutsu Kaisen manga is spoilered in this list.

8. There Are Some Epic Encounters in The Culling Game

Jujutsu sorcerers are matched against one another in a combat royale called The Culling Game, and they have to kill each other to survive. Of course, this arc features some very good battles.

Yuji battles a former attorney who now practices Jujutsu and has a domain centered around courts. Megumi’s battle with Reggie and company has put him in a difficult situation.

In his portion of the tale, Yuta had to face off against many sorcerers. Additionally, he has to battle many opponents at once. Panda and Maki fight each other. Maki experiences various transformations, while Panda nearly perishes. Kenjaku’s overarching strategy depends on the outcome of every battle in the Culling Game, which has enormous consequences for the Jujutsu globe.

7. Jujutsu Sorcerers Who Have Reincarnated

There are some reincarnated sorcerers from the past as well as freshly awakened Jujutsu sorcerers drawn to the Culling Game. Given that each participant enters with an unknown purpose, these players might be allies or enemies. Two of the reborn sorcerers are the extreme sumo wrestler Rokujushi Miyo and the expert swordsman Hagane Daido. The pupils of Jujutsu High face an even greater difficulty as a result of these historical sorcerers.

Together with Maki, the two take on Naoya Zenin, a sorcerer from Maki’s lineage who has been cursed to reincarnate as a ghost. Miyo and Daido are crucial because they assist in eradicating the Zenin clan’s historical load. In the game, the incarnated players are essential.

6. Maki Achieves Her Maximum in the Conflict with Naoya

Maki comes from the elite Zenin clan, although she possesses no cursed energy. She battles with cursed weapons and wears glasses with unique lenses that enable her to perceive cursed spirits.

Maki can overcome her limitations and become the strongest member of the Zenin family since Toji during the battle with Naoya. By doing this, she is able to vanquish a ghost that has caused the Zenin Clan difficulty.

Time is much more rapid in the realm of wrestler Miyo. Maki therefore faces her in more than a hundred sumo battles in order to acquire immense power. Maki is able to overpower Naoya and beat him with the help of Daido’s katana. It’s unclear what this implies for Maki, but at least, she has her own tainted energy.

The Jujutsu Kaisen manga is spoilered in this list.

5. Global Governments Will Target Jujustu Sorcerers

A number of global leaders learn about Jujutsu Sorcery from Kenjaku, the brain that inhabits Geto’s body, in the months preceding the Shibya Incident and the Culling Game. The idea of using cursed energy as a clean, renewable energy source excites the governments of the entire world.

The goal of the US government’s military operation is to apprehend Jujutsu Sorcerers and use their energy for its own ends. Kenjaku is directly in charge of this operation as he needs the troops to be killed by cursed spirits in order to gather enough cursed energy for a fusion with Tengen. Attempts are made by Yuji and company to free the surviving troops from the spirits of the curse.

4. Yuta Okkotsu Battles a Sorcerer While Facing Centuries of Starvation

Yuta battles a number of formidable opponents in the Sendai colony. One of them is a cursed ghost of a rare grade cockroach that inundates opponents with cockroaches. In addition, Yuta has to battle Uro, a strong sorceress in her own right. The last one is Ryu, a sorcerer who has been reborn and has been waiting for a major conflict for ages.

Even though Yuta is in danger, he calls on Rika to restore his corrupted energy. Yuta can give Ryu the fight he has been waiting for—what he calls a dessert—and he can defeat all of his opponents to get their points. The audience gets to enjoy seeing Yuta battle in a way as well.

3. A Competing Player Nearly Kills Panda

A number of distinct characters perished in Jujutsu Kaisen’s Shibuya Incident storyline. When Panda plays against Hajime Kashimo in the Culling Game, the pattern appears to be continuing. Kashimo’s weapon of choice is cursed lightning. Panda tries to defend himself by using his sibling cores, but they are useless.

Kashimo destroys Panda’s corpse. Panda turns into a bloody puddle with a severed head. Hakari, Panda’s buddy, utilizes his luck to counter Kashimo’s lightning. Even though Hakari loses his arm in the process, he can overcome Kashimo. Hakari becomes victorious, and Panda just escapes death.

The Jujutsu Kaisen manga is spoilered in this list.

2. Sukuna discovers a New Vessel

When Yuji ate one of Sukuna’s fingers at the start of the series, Sukuna assumed control of Yuji’s body. Yuji sticks a finger inside Megumi’s body just as she starts to feel more in control of Sukuna. Sukuna effortlessly takes control of Megumi’s body.

The fact that Sukuna has taken over for his close buddy saddens Yuji. Jujutsu High may be in serious trouble if Sukuna were to leave, as he was also considered to be Yuji’s secret weapon.

This twist completely changes the course of the series. Compared to Yuji, Megumi possesses far more cursed energy and strength. Sukuna now has even greater power as a result of this. One can only speculate about the havoc Sukuna would wreak upon Megumi’s physique.

1. Gojo Comes Out of the Vessel

Gojo was sealed by Kenjaku at the start of the Shibuya Incident storyline. Since Gojo is the world's most skilled user of curses, Kenjaku and his companions had a significant edge when they sealed him.

Gojo was sealed by Kenjaku at the start of the Shibuya Incident storyline. Since Gojo is the world’s most skilled user of curses, Kenjaku and his companions had a significant edge when they sealed him.

When Gojo first broke out, Yuji and his pals were unable to unseal him, and he promptly started after Kenjaku and Sukuna. This is similar to how Kenjaku modifies the game’s rules.

Sukuna, Kenjaku, and Gojo reach a deadlock. On Christmas Eve, they make the decision to settle their score. The sorcerers of Jujutsu High have an opportunity to finally vanquish Kenjaku with the reappearance of Gojo. Even while the Culling Game isn’t yet over, this sets up the following storyline. The Culling Game will now only conclude.

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