Sam Rockwell of Iron Man 2 Talks About A Possible MCU Comeback in Armor Wars

Sam Rockwell discusses his potential comeback in the MCU film Armor Wars as Justin Hammer from Iron Man 2.

Sam Rockwell talks about the possibility of playing the antagonist Justin Hammer from Iron Man 2 again in the next MCU movie Armor Wars.

Iron Man 2 Talks About A Possible MCU Comeback

In response to intense fan conjecture on his possible MCU comeback, Rockwell said in an interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show that he hadn’t heard from Marvel or Kevin Feige regarding a role in Armor Wars. In response to Fallon’s mention of the reports, Rockwell stated that he was still “waiting for the phone call.” When they joked that night that the phone may ring, Rockwell said, “I’ll take it, man.” Also, Rockwell stated, “Listen, I’m in, dude,” should the call from Marvel occur.

Sam Rockwell Is Back for What Could It Be? as Justin Hammer

Before Armor Wars was reimagined as a feature picture, it was first announced as an MCU Phase Five Disney+ series. The film is named after a well-known Iron Man comic book story from the 1980s, and it stars Don Cheadle as James Rhodes/War Machine. An appearance in Armor Wars would be Rockwell’s third MCU project. Justin Hammer recently made his ninth-year MCU comeback in an episode of What If…? where he seeks revenge against Tony Stark for the events of Iron Man 2 and takes a sample of Hulk/Bruce Banner’s blood in an alternate reality where Happy Hogan tries to rescue Avengers Tower during Christmas.

After Tony Stark’s (Robert Downey Jr.) death in Avengers: Endgame, the MCU’s Armor Wars adaptation is expected to take a different turn from the comics. In the comic book series Armor Wars, Tony Stark examines a supervillain’s armor that resembles his own Iron Man suit and discovers that it partially draws on his own stolen ideas from earlier times.

He names a number of armored villains, such as Doctor Doom, Shockwave, and Crimson Dynamo, who may be employing these designs. Worried about the possible damage caused by his technology, Iron Man pairs up with Ant-Man/Scott Lang to look into it. They learn that Justin Hammer purchased Tony’s innovations from Spymaster. Tony, unable to legally retrieve his technology, intends to take on any armored villain who he believes is pilfering his inventions.

Sam Rockwell most recently starred with Samuel L. Jackson and Dua Lipa in the Matthew Vaughn espionage comedy Argylle. In 2017, Rockwell—who has been nominated for an Oscar twice—won Best Supporting Actor for his role in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. The Netflix comedy/fantasy film Imaginary Friends, which stars Ryan Reynolds and was directed by A Quiet Place actor John Krasinki, is Rockwell’s next project scheduled for release in 2024.

Production on Armor Wars is presently underway.

Sam Rockwell of Iron Man 2 Talks About A Possible MCU Comeback in Armor Wars


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