10 Things Dragon Ball Daima Should Understand About Super and GT

Dragon Ball Daima Should Know About GT & Super

Although Dragon Ball Daima is expected to dominate the franchise’s fan base in 2024, there are some valuable lessons that the new anime might take away from both of the DBZ sequels!

The fandom has been sustained by Dragon Ball Super’s continuous manga and the anime’s sporadic feature films, but Dragon Ball Daima, a brand-new series, will debut in 2024. Since Dragon Ball Daima seems to be an original Dragon Ball side story rather than an adaptation of Dragon Ball Super’s post-Tournament of Power content, the original announcement surprised many. The one significant piece of information that has been made public about Dragon Ball Daima is that it will have child versions of well-known Dragon Ball characters including Goku, Vegeta, Krillin, and even Buu.

With a strong creative team led by Toriyama, Dragon Ball Daima is expected to become one of the biggest anime releases of 2024 and 2025. That being said, fans of Dragon Ball Daima have already drawn comparisons between the contentious series and the basic idea of Dragon Ball GT. Although these parallels are unavoidable, Dragon Ball Daima may learn a lot from Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super to avoid making the same mistakes. It has a great chance to exceed expectations if it plays its cards correctly.

Over Dragon Ball's history, many of unique and deadly characters have been introduced. Not helping the franchise's cause has been the infatuation it has acquired with Saiyns, especially Goku and Vegeta

10. Dragon Ball Daima Should Display The More Somber Side Of Wishes

The titular Dragon Balls are still one of the franchise’s greatest jewels, and they are essential to every series, despite their seeming repetition. Nevertheless, because Bulma and even Frieza now utilize the Dragon Balls as their plastic surgeons and springs of youth, Dragon Ball Super has become particularly obnoxious in this regard. The effects of misplaced Dragon Ball wishes are rarely examined. Despite all of its compromises, Dragon Ball GT truly makes people answerable for their most vain and self-centered desires toward Shenron.

In the series’ first plot arc, the Earth is in danger of being destroyed if the Black Star Dragon Balls aren’t gathered in time, and in its last epic, evil Shadow Dragons—actualized versions of humanity’s most self-centered Dragon Ball desires—are introduced. Given how long they have been around, it makes sense to shift Dragon Balls from a luxury to a burden as people begin to wonder if they truly deserve such a relic. This dynamic would suggest that Dragon Ball Daima is more than simply lighthearted fun and games and offers Dragon Ball Daima more depth.

9. Dragon Ball Daima should prioritize the music.

A good anime is made up of so many distinct components that all work together to create the series’ voice. Music is one element that sometimes doesn’t receive its due in television shows since narrative and images are given such high priority. In Dragon Ball GT, music serves as a hidden weapon and is an integral element of the whole experience.

The lively and emotive soundtrack of Dragon Ball GT, composed by Akihito Tokunaga, elevates each scene and truly brings the whole thing together. Dragon Ball Daima must take the same tack and elevate the music in the series to a focal point rather than merely a supporting feature. The creative team behind the idea, character designs, directing, and script for Dragon Ball Daima has been made public.

The series’ soundtrack is probably going to come from Dragon Ball Super composer Norihito Sumitomo. Although it’s a predictable choice, it wouldn’t be a terrible one. A statement stating that Daima has revived Tokunaga for its music will greatly increase the fan base. Dragon Ball Daima has officially revealed that Hiroki Takahashi, who sang Makafushigi Adventure, the original Dragon Ball theme song, will reprise the role for Daima’s theme song. Fans are hopeful that Daima may make some unexpected musical choices that purposefully revel in the series’ past, at least in light of this news.

8. Dragon Ball Daima Must Include An Equitable Amount of Action and Adventure

Dragon Ball is a fighting shonen series, yet it appeals to a wide range of viewers. The franchise’s big fights are the ones that get the most coverage. It’s crucial to keep in mind, though, that the franchise began with far more lighthearted humorous themes. When Dragon Ball fails to successfully strike a balance between action and adventure, it is criticized for veering too much to one side. The success of Dragon Ball Daima will depend greatly on this. Dragon Ball GT’s first plot arc prioritizes lighthearted escapades over action-packed combat, which is one of the main reasons the series failed.

Because both Dragon Ball Daima and Dragon Ball GT include de-aged character versions and a supposedly more kid-friendly tone, fans have already been quick to draw comparisons between the two shows. If Dragon Ball Daima learns from Dragon Ball GT’s flaws and adopts Dragon Ball Super’s organizational structure more strictly, this won’t necessarily be an issue. Action and adventure may be combined in a way that enhances each other. These younger incarnations of Dragon Ball Daima’s iconic heroes are still capable of engaging in fierce and serious battles.

7. Don’t Let Dragon Ball Daima’s Child Transformations Be Permanent

The main marketing feature of Dragon Ball Daima is its cast of superhuman characters, and how Goku and the other Earth’s greatest heroes would be impacted by this transformation. Dragon Ball has used this kind of narrative technique previously. Goku is transformed back into a toddler at the start of Dragon Ball GT due to a mishandled Dragon Ball desire.

The most puzzling choice made by Dragon Ball GT is that Goku doesn’t use the Dragon Balls to go back to his regular state throughout the whole series. Even more bizarre is the fact that, whenever Goku assumes his Super Saiyan 4 form, he mysteriously turns human, only for this to be rectified later.

If Goku had been a youngster during the Black Star Dragon Ball story arc of the series, Dragon Ball GT wouldn’t be nearly as controversial. Dragon Ball Daima has the chance to take GT’s error to heart and have its characters actively want to return to normal. Although having child characters is an entertaining idea, Dragon Ball Daima should hopefully recognize that this doesn’t have to be a permanent alteration.

6. Dragon Ball Daima Must Present New Worlds and Extraterrestrial Species

Dragon Ball’s decision to periodically abandon Earth in favor of intergalactic travel or voyages beyond the universe has been one of the most rewarding ways in which the series has grown over the years. Dragon Ball Super builds on this with its Galactic Patrol and Tournament of Power, while Dragon Ball GT has hundreds of additional worlds that the protagonists explore on their quest to gather the Black Star Dragon Balls. Dragon Ball GT creates such a distinctive voice by exploring new alien creatures and a variety of planets. The Machine Mutants in GT are very fascinating, as the series makes extensive use of this formidable hybrid species.

It’s exciting that the Dragon Ball Daima teaser has already shown off goblin-like creatures and native animals that Goku must battle. Including these new species and alien worlds in more than just one or two episodes would be one of the finest choices Dragon Ball Daima could make. It’s quite probable that to break their de-aged curse, Goku and friends will have to travel across planets.

5. Dragon Ball Daima Must Introduce New Transformations

A lot of the time, Dragon Ball is reduced to its dramatic, spectacular metamorphoses. Although the franchise offers much more than only transformations, it would be a mistake for Dragon Ball Daima to ignore this aspect of the fanbase since transformations continue to excite fans. Dragon Ball Super has consistently shocked viewers with its use of Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan Blue, Ultra Instinct, and more current metamorphoses like Black Frieza and Gohan Beast. Dragon Ball GT gained a lot of attention for its Super Saiyan 4 metamorphosis.

The production team of Dragon Ball Daima has stated that although the de-aged characters would be weaker than normal, they will still be capable of new transformations. If Dragon Ball Daima were to create new transformations for Goku or any other of the show’s protagonists, it would rapidly get a positive reputation. It would be interesting to try out a hybrid of Vegeta and Goku for children.

4. Dragon Ball Daima Has New Ways To Bring Back Enemies

Dragon Ball has no shortage of formidable antagonists. Nevertheless, the franchise also knows when it’s better to resurrect a long-standing enemy than to create a brand-new one. Dragon Ball Super and GT masterfully manage this by reintroducing long-standing dangers into the fight. Frieza not only makes a reappearance in Dragon Ball Super, but he also literally takes center stage throughout the Tournament of Power. He may be the last danger to the series, as the manga has already hinted. As the last enemy in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Cell Max is a more powerful variant of Cell.

A large jailbreak in hell that features a parade of nemeses from the past is a lot of fun for Dragon Ball GT players. The main character is Super 17, an enhanced and combined version of Android 17. There will still be visits by Cell, Frieza, Nappa, and Dr. Gero during this event. Although Dragon Ball Daima is in entirely uncharted terrain, fans may be won over by a hint of the familiar. This monster could even be to blame for the heroes’ epidemic of de-aging. The Ginyu Force, Demon King Piccolo, or a classic movie villain like Cooler, Lord Slug, or Janemba would all be good options.

3. Dragon Ball Daima Should Introduce New Dragon Ball Sets Since They Are Worthwhile

Every Dragon Ball series has always revolved around the titular Dragon Balls. With just the regular set, the original Dragon Ball manages to function rather well. But as the franchise expands, more, powerful Dragon Balls are needed, and they can either aid or impede the heroes on their travels. The Namekian Dragon Balls, which aren’t all that different from the Earthly set, are introduced in Dragon Ball Z with amazing impact. Contrarily, in Dragon Ball GT, there are Black Star Dragon Balls that are dispersed throughout the galaxy’s planets and can have disastrous results if not gathered promptly.

The Super Dragon Balls, which are the size of planets and have limitless wish powers, are also featured in Dragon Ball Super. They can restore a deleted universe. Additionally, there are only two orbs in Planet Cereal’s Dragon Ball set as opposed to the typical seven. Given how well-liked the Dragon Ball series has become, Dragon Ball Daima has a lot of potential in this field. It could take a very special collection of Dragon Balls to restore Goku and crew to their former selves.

2. Permanent Character Deaths Can Be Incredibly Effective & Poignant In Dragon Ball Daima

Heroes in anime are always tragically killed off, and sadly, this is a typical occurrence in Shonen series like Dragon Ball. After their deaths, certain Dragon Ball characters have vanished from the world entirely. But in the Dragon Ball franchise, death is usually just a brief inconvenience due to the characters’ propensity for resuscitation. The majority of Dragon Ball’s most prominent characters, such as Goku, Vegeta, and Krillin, have died several times before coming back.

Death has lost a lot of its power as a result, but Dragon Ball Daima could solve this issue by giving death a sense of significance once more. Dragon Ball GT effectively eliminates several well-liked characters for good. Piccolo decides to stay behind in hell to ensure Goku’s escape after Krillin is killed by Super 17. These are really powerful scenes, the latter of which provides a lovely progression for the character. One method that Dragon Ball Daima might establish itself and grab viewers’ attention is by introducing a big casualty.

1 Dragon Ball Daima Shouldn’t Only Pay Attention To Vegeta & Goku

Dragon Ball Daima Should Know About GT & Super

Over Dragon Ball’s history, many unique and deadly characters have been introduced. Not helping the franchise’s cause has been the infatuation it has acquired with Saiyns, especially Goku and Vegeta. These restrictions simply limit the kinds of narratives and conflicts that Dragon Ball may present. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, a film that honors Gohan and Piccolo, masterfully illustrates this lesson—one that Dragon Ball Super has only lately come to understand. Additionally, Dragon Ball GT opens with a stronger group dynamic honoring its supporting cast. Pan, Uub, and Future Trunks still get to be heroes quite a bit.

Dragon Ball Daima has positioned itself for success by putting everyone on the same footing with its de-aging concept. It would be a great pity in this situation to concentrate just on Goku and Vegeta. The only way for Daima to succeed is to give its supporting cast members enough opportunity, and the fact that Shin, the Supreme Kai of Universe 7, appears to be playing a significant part in the narrative is already promising. It’s the only way the franchise can move past tired formulas that no longer do the program honor and instead develop into something really meaningful.

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